PRAYERS For syria

Join us as we continue to pray for the people of Syria, especially those who are still under fire from various factions.  When she visited Syria last year, PC(USA) Co-Moderator Rev. Jan Edmiston offered the following prayer:

God of hope and peace, we pray for your healing of our world. We mourn for the children, women and men who have been killed by today’s swords and spears. We give thanks for those who seek to heal rather than harm. We pray for peace that seems so far away, yet that through you, we know is possible. We pray that the communities of nations will practice wisdom and restraint in this vulnerable and broken part of your creation. May we be part of a resurrection to life and peace in Syria and embrace a future where no one will learn war anymore. Amen.

Trees painted on

A Prayer for Peace in Syria

from the World Communion of Reformed Churches

When bombs drop
When life is at risk
When children are orphaned
Because bombs drop
We seek your peace O Lord
Looking for the time when we will exchange
Our weapons of mass destruction
For plowshares and pruning hooks
Remove our fear
And help us to build trust
Because with every bomb that drops
We are less human
Restore us
Reconcile us
Reunite us
That together we may say
No more bombs