Prayer Requests from Elmarie Parker, the PC(USA) Regional Liaison for Syria, Lebanon and Iraq

January 22, 2018


Please continue to pray for the strengthening and heart-courage of Christ’s church throughout the region.  The way in which the US Administration is aligning itself with Israel is increasing pressure on the Arab church communities, especially in Israel/Palestine, but also throughout the region. 

There was a recent article in the local papers sharing a call from Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in Yemen for all Muslims (especially those in the West) to rise up and kill Americans and Jews in response to Trump’s Jerusalem policy.  This is exactly what our church partners were trying to warn the Administration against when they sent their letter prior to the December 6, 2017 announcement.


Please also continue to pray for wisdom and discretion for all political leaders, in the region and in the West.  Tensions and rhetoric are rising along the Turkish/Syrian border, and many people remain in harm’s way.  With another alleged gas attack having just occurred near Damascus, there remains so much need for Christ’s way of peace.


Please continue to pray for Lebanon.  Though some political issues have been resolved that have lowered anxieties here, there are others rumbling around that have the potential of provoking anxieties once again.  There’s been a significant increase of domestic violence/murder reports in the local papers over the past several months—an indication of the increased pressure under which people are living.  

In Christ’s Peace,