Pray for lebanon

Friends of the Syria-Lebanon Partnership Network:

I have just received an email from one of our partners in Lebanon, the Rev. Joseph Kassab, the General Secretary of the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon. Joseph has shared his concerns with us in his words regarding the recent events as they continue to unfold regarding the sudden and unexpected resignation of the Lebanese Prime Minister, announced from Saudi Arabia.  Please read his remarks and join us in prayer for the people of Lebanon as we continue to pray for Syria as well.  Finally, please pray for the role of the United States in all of this.  We believe the US role can make a significant difference, hopefully for a peaceful resolution. Thank you all for your interest and support for our network.

Tim McCalmont, Moderator, Syria-Lebanon Partnership Network


November 10, 2017

Let me first thank you and the whole Network for keeping track with what going on in Lebanon.

Things are shaky indeed. There is no precedent in the whole of political history that a PM would resign from outside the country, and nobody knows whether he is free or imprisoned. Obviously, he was dictated by the Saudis to resign from Saudi Arabia. According to the Lebanese president, his resignation cannot be accepted unless he is physically meeting the president to submit his resignation. Constitutionally, he is still in office and his cabinet is still active.

This time Saudi Arabia is launching a strong verbal war against Lebanon, accusing the government of Lebanon being kidnaped by Hezbollah and Iran. They are pressuring Lebanon to take action against the Shiites in Lebanon as they are considered a tool in the hand of Iran. Already the Lebanese currency is facing the last two days a lot of pressure. Most people are turning their Lebanese currency into USD. This means that we are going to face a terrible economic situation. Iran and Saudis are trying to get into war through the Sunni and Shiites in Lebanon. War by proxy. Israel is no more the first enemy for many Arab countries. Iran is the new enemy who is taking all their attention and money. Poor Palestinians they are lost with their cause.

Lebanon was saved from the strong winds of the Arab Spring, because of an International agreement that Lebanon should be calm. The United States helped the Lebanese army with arms and information needed to defend itself from the attacks of the Islamists and ISIS. As the defeat of ISIS is coming near in Syria and Iraq, the clash between the Sunni and Shiites in the Region is rising now as never before. Obviously, the new leadership in both Saudi Arabia and USA are coordinating their policy against Iran. In the last ten years Iran was able to control Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen, while the US lost a lot of its credibility in the region. The new leadership needs to regain their power in the region. Lebanon is an exemplary weak country to start with, where Hezbollah (the arm of Iran) is becoming a regional power where it can intervene on behalf of Iran in more than Lebanon. What the Saudis are aiming for is clear, namely to work with the USA and the Saudis. Here, everybody is expecting things to get worse.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts. Christians are the most vulnerable group in the region. People fight and Christians pay the price from their existence and presence. God have mercy.

What we hope for? First, we need Lebanon to continue enjoying the relative peace. The country is weak on all levels. It needs the continuous help from the US to stay calm. Any military clash between the Sunni and Shiites in Lebanon, the Christians will pay a bigger price for it. More Christians will leave the region. As sister churches, you can tackle the issue from this angle. More troubles in Lebanon means more Christians leaving the country.

May God help you to voice our fear and longing for peace.


Rev. Joseph Kassab, General Secretary (NESSL)
National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon
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