NESSL Learning Centers Need Financial Support

April 2019

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A letter from Tim McCalmont, moderator of the Syria-Lebanon Partnership Network

Dear Friends and Members of the Syria-Lebanon Partnership Network:

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We are grateful to God for your interest and support of the work we have been pursuing in Syria and Lebanon over the past six years as well as for the results we have witnessed.  Many of us have traveled to the region and visited the churches and schools that continue to function in such a threateningly dangerous environment. Now is the time we must continue to pay attention to the needs of rebuilding and reconciliation in the wake of this horrific crisis.

The six Learning Centers we have supported for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon are facing a severe challenge.  This past week we received a very urgent letter from Rev. Joseph Kassab, General Secretary of the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL), alerting us to the immediate need faced by these schools. They are adjacent to the refugee camps and serve the children and families housed there. From the prayers and support of generous people like you the Learning Centers have touched the lives of hundreds of Syrian children and continue to be a witness to the love and vision of our church partners who serve as teachers and administrators in the schools. 

In his letter to those agencies who support this effort Rev. Kassab writes, “After three years of remarkable success in managing our six refugee schools, the number of enrolled students reached 750 children…. Now, however, we are in a position where we believe that self-sustaining that success is a task that is growing ever more difficult by the day. Help in saving some, if not all, of the schools is of prime importance.”  The cost of running these school includes utilities, supplies and salaries. Sadly, salaries were not paid in April which caused two of the six schools to close. With two months left in the school program, some other schools may have to close early. 

The Synod is in need of $122,450 to finish out this academic year.  The leaders are working on plans for next year to avoid a repeat of this same situation.  So, in addition to the immediate need, we want to help raise approximately $300,000 over the next six months to reopen all six schools in the fall. 

Many of us who have traveled to the region have visited these schools and have seen firsthand the effective and compassionate way the children are taught by those from our Synod churches in the area.  So, it is our hope you will prayerfully consider your partnership with us in this most important work and make a contribution today to keep schools open this academic year as well as to keep this vital ministry growing in the coming year.

We have set up a delivery method to get the funds to the Synod as quickly as possible.  If you so choose, in order to reach the need as soon as possible, please make your checks out to “Global Ministries” and write on the Memo line “Refugee Learning Centers/Lebanon.”  Then send your donation to our Treasurer….

Phil Hanna

800 Page Street, #108

Columbia, KY 42728

Phil has arranged to send donations immediately through our pre-arranged channels to the Synod so it can be put to use in good timing.

Thank you so much, on behalf of all our partners in this troubled region as they recover and rebuild.

 Read Rev. Kassab’s appeal for financial support