Pray for Aleppo

Candlelight Service in Aleppo, December 2016

Candlelight Service in Aleppo, December 2016

Aleppo has been suffering shelling and shortages due to 3 years of siege, and is suffering still. The fighting has intensified this summer. Over one quarter million residents are the innocent victims of combatants on all sides. Desperate needs include Food, Medicine, Fuel (to operate wells), but the government has encircled and besieged the city in hopes of driving out rebel forces.

In the midst of all this, our partners have supported an extraordinary congregation with active programming for children and women's meetings. Always praying for peace, let us also ask God to protect these faithful innocents whose only crime was to stay in their Aleppo homes, as well as the leaders who find strength to support this flock and all those in need.

PCUSA Prayer for Aleppo, December 2016


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